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ReefPetsNFT Reward Vehicle

How It Works

Ocean Token

Ocean Token is the native token to Reef Pets and is being earned through staking on by way of our Anemones, and thanks to Humblepher and his collection staking as well.

This token will later have added IRL utiliy for beach cleaning, NFT minting, and more to include our gamification. 


ReefPetsNFT Reward v2 Founder

How It Works

CMP Reward System

Cro-Magon Plan (CMP) is the ReefPetsNFT second chosen vehicle for rewards to our community members. $CMP is a volume driven token that rewardsholders with $CMP tokens. ReefPetsNFT will purchase a large quantity of $CMP which will be placed in a locked wallet where it will be given out as a reward that will be distributed weekly to our community members holding and staking a v2 Founder which is available on

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