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Clownfish Drop!!!!

As you all know, or maybe you do not know we have hit 50% mint of our Founder NFTs and as promised we will be dropping our 10K Clownfish Collection this Saturday 19 November at 12CST on so get ready and get pumped!!!

The collection of Clownfish on the Cronos blockchain are our way of showing our talent and providing a catalyst to launch our $Reef Token while also providing CMP staking rewards.

We will also be launching the same collection across a few other chains as well. We will launch on ETH, MATIC, and SOL at the same time.

This is our way of branching the project out to other chains to raise awareness of what we are doing and accomplishing with our community during a bear market. The SOL mint is special in that half the mint will go to Isles of Meta to help fund the servers needed to host our ReefPets Island and P2E game.

So as I said before, get ready, be pumped, and LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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