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ETH Clownfish are Live

Tonight was a great night with a great group of people on the BAD Space for our ETH Clownfish Launch.

We are growing and people are starting to see what we are doing to save the Reef around the world. Met some fantastic people and made some amazing connections!

What do we have going on? Well, now that the ETH Clownfish have launched we can focus for a bit on building that donation pot along with our staking for holders and getting our first giveaway in order.

The donation will consist of sponsoring the first Photogrammetry instruments to be used on the Great Barrier Reef with Reef Restoration Foundation

Our holders are now staking OG Founder for CRK and wCRO on (can still mint an OG Founder there as well)

Our v2 Founder holders are staking on for CMP for the next 20 months! at a rate of 500 million CMP per week (mintable on corgi)

The giveaway pot is building for the $7K Reef Tank setup that one lucky OG Founder will win!

The ETH Clownfish come with some special things such as for every 500 minted we will give away a CSA Physical Coin, every 6 clownfish held will receive a choice of an OG or v2 Founder, and anyone minting a One of One will receive 5B CMP tokens!

Grab an ETH Clownfish at and enjoy the community and the benefits of doing something great with real meaning.

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