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First Founders NFT Giveaway!

For those of you who have been following us and those of you who are holding the Founders NFT I am pleased to announce the first giveaway that we will be doing for our Founders Community!

Who wouldn't want a full Reef Tank Setup!!!! Check this bad boy out!

We contacted Waterbox Aquariums and they were willing to work with us to get this shipped to its lucky winner!

The Reef 100.3 is a 71.7 gallon reef tank with glass overflow box, silent overflow functionality, 30 gallon sump with built in filter socks and ATO chamber!

But what good would a Reef Tank setup be with out a skimmer, lights, pump, rock, sand, and salt? Included in the package is a Quantum Skimmer, 2 Radion XR30 G5 Pro Lights, Sicce DC pump, Reef Rock, Sand, and a box of Salt!!!

This giveaway is going to be absolutely EPIC!!! and its only the begining!!!!!

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