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Project Update!

We had a successful launch on 5/29 with just over 200 Founder NFTs being minted in the first 24 hour period! So amazing!!!

Yesterday we hit just enough to go ahead and purchase half the bag of Croking Tokens for the rewards, once we get the next amount we will have our 20T bag of $CRK for the staking!!!

There will be a Founders Voting Session to determine if we turn on the staking early with the holders we currently have or if we leave the staking off until we are completely minted out.

Excitedly we bought the first half of the 20T and watched the chart really move!!! check out the bubble bot and chart below!!!

Also remember that holding the Founder NFT is not only a stake-it and forget-it type of NFT! With the Founders NFT you will receive White Listing on all future drops as well as a 25% discount at mint, Founder Specific Giveaways, and Private Founders Chat in the Discord!!!

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