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Project Update

Hello all our Reefers out there! I wanted to drop a little update for the community!

Since launch on 5/29 we are currently at a mint of 219/1500 which is amazing in my opinion given the current state of the market. We have added additional utility to the Founders NFT as well!!!! Check it out......

  1. Earn $wCRO

  2. Earn $CRK

  3. Founders Giveaways

  4. ReefPets Island Access on Launch

  5. Founders Chat

  6. Holding 5 Founders gets you 1 Free Clownfish mint when it drops, holding 10 gets 2

We have such a great utility with this NFT its unreal and only going to get better as we grow!!!!

In our Discord we are doing a contest for anyone that invites the most people into the Discord and they join, will win a Founders NFT!

Please share our Tweets, invite those you know to the Discord, and help get the word out about passive income and saving the reef!!!!

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