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Project Update

Hello fellow Reefers!!!! I wanted to update the site with project status. We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend as we did! I returned home and came down with what seems to be Covid so I have been a bit out of the loop lately and I apologize for that. Lets get to it!!!!

So far we have 323 Founder NFTs minted which is exciting news considering the market!!! I was going to drop the Clownfish end of this month but with so many Founders yet to go I think for project health sake it would be wise to push the Clownfish drop out until we get the Founders minted out! That being said, I have received the final files for the Clownfish generation and I am so excited, I will say the Clownfish will not disappoint!

We have some work ahead of us but lets buckle down and get it done together as a family. Much love and great appreciation to all of our ReefPetsNFT family members, without you we would not be here nor be able to do the world some good!!!

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