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Sunken Treasure Adventure Drop!

Hey Reef Fam!!!! We have dropped a second promo video showing off the Sunken Treasure Adventure Drop coming September 17th on at a mint price of just 50 CRO per Scuba Tank.

How will this work?

You will need a Scuba Tank to reach the first Sunken Chest at the top of the Sunken Ship and upon the tanks being minted out we will airdrop the Chest and its contents to the


What is in the chest?

The chest will contain several NFTs, the chance for a ReefPets Founder NFT, Chance for a CSA Physical Coin Raffle Ticket, and.....One limited special NFT from ReefPets!

Upon completion of the first dive will come the second half of the story that tells of a Treasure Chest at the bottom of the ship which will require a Nitrox Scuba Tank to reach. The second half of the story will come one week after the first. And remember, there is a Magical Stone somewhere among the Shipwreck! What does it do? Is it still there? Will you find it?

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