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Tuscaloosa WildCats Supporter

ReefPetsNFT is proud to announce that we support Biology Teacher James Hammett at the Tuscaloosa County High School in his efforts to bring the ocean and the reefs to his students grades 9 through 12 by way of a full reef setup totalling 1000 Gallons!!!!

Because of teachers like James, our children of today will learn the importance of not only Biology but the oceans reef ecosystem and its inhabitants. We have long polluted our waters and environment but by teaching the younger generations we can help turn some of the damage around while avoiding future generations adding to the mess we have made.

On behalf of ReefPetsNFT, Salty Sharks, and the CSA we thank you Mr. Hammett and please keep up the wonderful work you are doing sir and accept this gift to your class on our behalf. We couldn't have had someone more deserving to give it to.

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