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YouTube AMA with Baffles!

We were recently featured on a live YouTube AMA with a fantastic host Baffles along with his special guest TX Tornado Crypto V2. These guys were such a blast to hang out with and discuss all the happenings on ReefPets along with the community!!!

We are so very thankful to have been a featured project on the Mother of All Truckers Channel!!!! If you haven't subscribed to Baffles channel please do so and also check out and subscribe to Tx Tornado's channel as well. Both of these guys are so much fun and the space is just amazing to be in with them.

I have no doubt you will enjoy the content as much as we do!!!

Give them a follow on Twitter as well!

Baffles is @BetterByTheMile

TX Tornado is @TXTornado84

Please check out the video below

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