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Joshua Vogt

       MS Project Management


I have an extensive background in the saltwater industry both as a hobbyist and as a business entity. My love for the ocean environment started over 20 years ago and has not lessened in the least over the years. I am an Army veteran, husband, father, and passionate creator of ReefPetsNFT. I really hope our community enjoys this project as much as we do. ReefMaster is my Discord name should you find your way there to connect as well.


Camila Vogt

                BA Business

VP Advertising and Merchandise

Passionate about the environment and the ReefPetsNFT project, my goal is to help build the brand while also building a long term holding community to help save the oceans reef ecosystem. As our community grows we will reach the stars if not the moon. I love the ocean and the reef, lets save it together!!!


Nicolas Gomez

             Master Tattoo Artist

                     NFT Artist

Hailing from Bogota Colombia our full time artist is a renowned tattoo professional and very excited to be part of our team and community! His work is very impressive, recently taking 1st place in a massive tattoo competition. We are excited to have him on our team here at ReefPetsNFT and cannot wait to see what amazing work comes from his fingertips!!!


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