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Another Great AMA!

Our AMA today was wonderful! @DocHunt13 over on Twitter was kind enough to introduce us to the Honey Badges!!!

They are an NFT project that funds global change-makers through peer-2-peer grants. We will certainly enjoy talking with them about ReefPetsNFT and what we are doing.

On top of that we got word from Josh at Croking that the contract is basically finished for minting and just a few changes are needed for the dAPP and we should be good to go!!!! We really can't wait to get our Founders NFT up on the platform and minted out so we can move forward with our roadmap of providing $wCRO to our holders and most importantly the amazing donation to Reef Restoration Foundation!!!!

This Friday the 20th at 5pm CST (10pm UTC) we will be hosting a trivia game night in our discord!!! Come join us for the fun and the chance to win some $CRO!!!!

This project is going to be so much fun and so life changing for so many people around the world with all the good we will do.

Much love from the Reef Master here at ReefPetsNFT and hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!!!

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