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Project Progress

Exciting to think that since launching May 29th that we have almost hit 20% mint on our Founders NFT in a downturned market. We could not be happier and love our community. Without you we are not here to do what we are doing and we thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.

Whats happening in the ReefPetsNFT space? Well, we have a CSA space coming up on the Chaka_Crypto's YouTube channel tomorrow as well as our ReefPetsNFT AMA on Twitter. We have begun the development of the $Reef token and next week we will be in discussion with our Dev Kenna on Isles of Meta for our upcoming game to help us get a start on the game development.

We have added the additional earning of $CRK and $CRQ to the Founders NFT and have partnered with NFTScribe to give an additional utility to the NFT as well. We have more coming and the Clownfish dropping soon too!!!

We have some plans to attend more AMA's thanks to Doc and we will continue to shill the project as much as we can. Also please find our Roadmap updated as well.

Love you all


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