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Project Updates!

Hello Reef Fam!!! It has been awhile since we have provided an update so here it is!

With the completion of our Sunken Treasure Adventure drop we are now moving towards the second half of the adventure by dropping the Dual Scuba Tanks which will entitle the holder to a Barnacled Chest to be airdropped chalked full of NFTs for your pleasure! These will drop on the site on 10/22 at 12pm CST so be ready as there is only 200 available!

We have now minted 438 Founders and gotten our staking active on so make sure you head on over, grab a Founder, and get that thang staked to start earning CRK and wCRO!!!

When we reach 500 Founders Minted we will be dropping Clownfish on and a degen version on ETH. Anyone holding our Founder NFT on Cronos will receive an ETH Clownfish!!!

Be sure to check our video section for the most current posted information on our YouTube Channel!!!


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